"Hockey players
have fire in their
hearts and ice in
their veins."
-Unknown author

Make your experience at games unforgettable.

Clap, cheer and sing along to support your team to victory.

Get into the game and let your team spirit fly free. Feel the energy pulsing through your veins and the sparks when you clap your hands.

Bring the excitement up to your level and to everyone around you. Create amazing memories with friends, family and like-minded people that last for a lifetime.

Immerse yourself in the game and intensify the experience with our stimulating audio and graphics.

Our company is based in Finland, the small giant in ice hockey. In the country of some amazing and legendary hockey stars, we are based in the City of Kuopio which is also the hometown of the professional hockey team KalPa. Some of the greatest Finnish hockey players began their careers in KalPa such as Kimmo Timonen, Sami Kapanen, Olli Jokinen and, most recently, the rising-star Kasperi Kapanen.

The founder of our company, Jussi Hallikainen, started back in the late 1980’s working with team KalPa. In the beginning, Jussi was in charge of all audio commercials being played during breaks and intermissions. During one particular game while observing the DJ, Jussi realized a need and market potential for inspirational music and videos for increasing fan participation during the games. This was the basis which inspired us to make our own music.

Our work has been used at the Lillehammer Olympic Hockey Games as well as thousands of hockey games all around the world. Our music is produced in co-operation with well-known musicians and producers, which allows us to bring your team only the best songs synchronized with quality videos, which are custom tailored to your team’s visual image.

With our videos, your experience at the game will reach a new level!

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Want to ask your special one for a lifetime together?
Or maybe just say a Happy Birthday?

What better way is there than with a unique customised video at the game?
We design a grating according to you request. Service coming soon.

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