Through Interactive LED Panels, we answer the need for advanced entertainment by offering intriguing and engaging experiences to be remembered for and by. Interactive LED Panels combine the modern projecting, LED- and sensor technology, for a multileveled experience. The playable surface consists of either LED modules, which gives a chance for a mobile and easily shapable surface of many sizes and shapes. Or the surface for playing can be produced by video projecting through a projector, which is a more affordable solution.

LED Floor Panel is an interactive screen, that can be controlled by movement of different kinds. Screens can be used as horizontal floors, when the controlling is done by the feet or either as vertical wall surface, which gives possibilities of controlling for also the hands and upper body.

For interactive surface can be created exciting and multi-element content that surprises the player by catching their attention entirely.

The surface can also be a well-thought part of the décor by being impressive and exciting, replacing the more traditional info screens and play corners for children.

Content can be an immersive game, a call to action for social media content, or just visual art that a visitor can control.



Step into the world of the virtual experience and be part of the fun in the playground of new dimensions.

Through VR (Virtual Reality) technology, you can immerse yourself in the digital experience. You won’t just be playing the game; you will be in the game world and part of the experience. This new era of immersed experience makes playing the games even more memorable and fun. Be part of the experience

VR technology includes an immersive headset that transfers your vision to the digital world and hand-held motion controls that transfers the movement of hands into the dimension beyond the headset view. Also tracking equipment to transfer the movement of the controls in there.

Game experiences that immerse you fully into to digital world and you become part of the experience by being in it. We can give you immersive game solutions that teleport the player into the experience at hand and let them break the walls of reality by playing the main role and showing the possibilities of experiences of digital tomorrow.


We have created game templates for sports that are easily customizable for either sports event,
teams or their sponsors. We have VR games for hockey, basketball, and baseball.
These VR games can be played at a pre-game, at the concourse during the game, or at a fan fest.

The games can also be used as an engaging intermission activity on a scoreboard.
Everything in the game is customizable for your team or sponsor, so the players can connect
with the brand. This way the games could also be used in promotions and partnerships.



Add a new dimension and level of excitement to our world of ours through Augmented Reality (AR) experiences and tools. Dimension-breaking experiences to engage your customers on a new level, physically and emotionally.

Our AR solutions engage the many generations of sports fans and give them the ability and tools to experience and enjoy the community and sport they love. Also giving the means for making the experience their own inside and outside of the event itself. These are how long-lasting memories are made and generations engaged.

Our AR solutions for you, are available from easy and affordable crowd-pleasers like AR -filters (face-filters and games) to more advanced AR experiences with only a limit as high as only your imagination and budget! Solutions can be delivered on different platforms, depending on the need and context of the experience.


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