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Do more than just engage fans- get them to interact with you and each other for the best experience!

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Stand out from other teams with our original and customized kick-a$$ products.

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Score extra revenue streams from the unlimited possibilities for sponsor and partner ads.


Located way up in the exotic Arctic Circle, Finland takes sports preeeeetty d*mn seriously. Sometimes it’s so serious that spectators forget about getting up and having fun. Well, we couldn’t just take that sitting down… so we had to do something fun to make fans all around the world stand up.

Our version of fun adds more excitement and engagement at your events and makes people really say, “WOW!” Awesome Crowd’s original prompts, VR games, and AR app are like zapping your fans with an electric shock of energy. Want to be one of the only sports teams offering fans something new, memorable, and interactive? Then come on, get buzzed and give your team an unfair advantage!

The founder of our company, Jussi Hallikainen, started back in the late 1980’s working with team KalPa. In the beginning, Jussi was in charge of all audio commercials being played during breaks and intermissions. During one particular game while observing the DJ, Jussi realized a need and market potential for inspirational music and videos for increasing fan participation during the games. This was the basis which inspired us to make our own music.

Our work has been used at the Lillehammer Olympic Hockey Games as well as thousands of hockey games all around the world. Our music is produced in cooperation with well-known musicians and producers, which allows us to bring your team only the best songs synchronized with quality videos, which are custom tailored to your team’s visual image.

With our videos, your experience at the game will reach a new level!

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Combine the forces of your team, fans, and sponsors for a win-win-win.


Let’s do this thing! Our dedication to sports and passion for technology is the perfect match to add extra excitement to your events. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure your end results are, well, AWESOME.


We’ve tested our customizable prompts, VR games, and AR app with real fans all over the world and have gotten spectacular results. Hundreds of fans, aged 6 to 66, have played our VR games – 100% said they wanted to play again! Not too shabby, hmm?


We’ve worked in the biz for over 30 years… so, yeah, we know our sh*t.


LEDs and screens. ✓ Prompts, motion graphics, and audio. ✓✓ Newest tech and innovations. ✓✓✓


We know what transforms your customers’ experience from just “good” to MIND-BLOWING.


Always paying attention to the hottest trends means we even stay one step ahead.


It doesn’t have to be a love/hate relationship. Let’s do the job well, and have a hella good time!


We’re Finns. We’re reliable and trustworthy. We’ll do it quickly, and we’ll do it right. On time. Wow.

Together with activating your spectators in the arena, we are here to help you activate your Social Media. With our materials, you can raise the enthusiasm before the game and lengthen the experience after one. We also give you tools to have amazing giveaways or competitions that lead to your fans making their own chant for the team.

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