Ques: What is the difference between VR, AR, MR and XR?

Ans: Virtual Reality (VR) immersed people into completely virtual environment through computer simulated technology by generating realistic sounds, music and motion graphics using VR glasses.
Augmented Reality (AR) is designed and developed as apps to use in mobile devices. It is an overlay of virtual content that can superficially interact with the environment in real time.
Mixed Reality (MR) is a hybrid reality where real and virtual contents created new environment as well as visuals and where objects can interact in real time.
Extended Reality (XR) is an umbrella term of all the realities, VR, AR, and MR


Ques: Why there is a need of VR (and AR) in sports?

Ans: Nowadays consumer needs are changing rapidly, this is because the environment around them is evolving. With the advancement of technology, there is a strong need to change the traditional game experience. We believe VR is the future of global sports and therefore, it is a perfect opportunity to bring something completely new as well as unique. Awesome Crowd VR games will revamp and elevate the whole experience that fans will enjoy better.


Ques: How Awesome Crowd VR games help in customer engagement?

Ans: We have really pushed our games to the infinity and beyond. Our games will provide an opportunity to the sports fans to play as their favourite team member and become the hero of the team. Fans can play different sports such as Ice hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Football in a completely different reality. VR games will create lifelong memories for the fans and activate them by bringing added value to their experience. They will become more loyal and advocate towards their favourite team. They can enter the event in a new way and leaving with a strong and unique memories.


Ques: Are VR games customizable?

Ans: Yes, VR games are totally customizable for the teams and stadiums such as music, motion graphics, themes, logos, colours, sponsor’s banners, prompts and so on. You dream it or just name it; we will create it for you.


Ques: Do I need any specific equipment beforehand to use Awesome Crowd VR games?

Ans: We will provide you with everything so that you can fully utilize our products as well as services. These will include computer, required software, VR glasses, controllers and prompts. We believe in maintaining long term relationships with our customers and therefore, we take care of our customers in pre, during and post procedures to provide you the best experience.